We have been producing events since 2016 either under the banner of Event with Legend or Lunch with Legend. We feel we are the best, but their other event companies that are like us, if your question is about them we won’t answer

Our office hours

Our staff work really hard, are away from their families a lot (poor us) so our out of office time is important to our companies ethos. If the answer isn’t below we will reply as soon as possible.

Our Normal Office hours: GMT
Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
Weekends we may not reply.


Where are the tickets i’ve purchased?

We don’t post tickets, your tickets are available in your online account created when purchasing. If you can’t download them please email us at hello@eventwithlegend.com and we will re-send to you.

Please do not stress though, we have full ticket lists on the door of events and proof of purchase is enough to get in.


I’ve bought an auction item and its not arrived / has arrived damaged or not correct

When you bought the auction item you were asked to visit a link to fill out all your details.

Please allow 30 days for delivery unless stated otherwise, sometimes personalised items can take longer due to the nature of the product and players availability to sign.

Please email our framing team on ewl.enquire@yahoo.com and they will be able to update you or deal with your issue.


I bought an item online and want an update on delivery

You likely pre-ordered an item as that is what we specialize in. Don’t worry you haven’t been scammed, you just got an item at an unbelievable price. Your item will arrive.

Please visit https://tickets.eventwithlegend.com/update-status-on-items-bought/ for a full item status.

It means we can offer items at an affordable price, by pre ordering it allows us to do the signings first hand rather than buying in from third parties, the saving is passed on to you, plus it guarantees the items you are buying are genuine.


I’m attending an event and want a bit of info

Most of our events run the same you will be notified if different.

Doors are 6.30pm for Meet and Greets
7.30pm for Standard show tickets

Shows usually start at 8pm and finish at 10.30pm.

Meet and Greet tickets get priority seating.

Relax and turn up on time and let us do the rest.

Please look at sales page of your event for more specific details.


Missing something else (COA for example)

Sometimes we forget to put COA’s in the packages, please email us and we’ll send you one out, for anything else just let us know.



You worked hard for your money and if you are entitled to a refund you will receive it.

When purchasing tickets you agreed to our terms and conditions, you can read them again here terms

If an event is Cancelled (read below for postponed) you will get a full refund, sometimes it can take 28 days to process, if its been longer email us your bank details and we will process it as soon as possible.

A common reason why a card hasn’t been credited is its expired or changed since the purchase happened, Please let us know if this is the case.

Postponed show

If you can’t make the re arranged date your refund will be processed after that date, more info on this can be found in our terms and conditions.

We don’t give refund on personalized items (signed shirts etc)

As part of our terms, We don’t give refunds on tickets purchased for scheduled events , you are welcome to sell them on or give them away.


None of the above answers my question

Please email hello@eventwithlegend.com and we will reply within working hours.